Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Resolutions

With the year 2015 almost at an end. I decided to post my New Years Resolution list. 

Writer Goals
1. Get an agent. This has to be my biggest goal that I have yet to accomplish. People seem the criticize that just because I'm young I shouldn't really try for an agent. Veronica Roth got her agent when she was in college, so it's possible.

2. Finish the fantasy series I outlined. I wrote a fantasy series that was bugging me, and whether or not it ever gets published who knows. Maybe if it was a two book series when the time came provided I get an agent.

3. Read more adult books. So far the only books I mostly read are New Adult and Young Adult. I have a hard time finding adult books since I read a lot of popular ones when I was in middle school. I'm venturing into historical at the moment. Plus an author friend of mine has a historical coming out in March which I am extremely excited about.

Personal Goals
1. Lay off caffeine. As a nutrition major you would think I would know coffee is bad for me but I still can't help myself. My goal is to to try and lay off how much coffee I drink. Plus I tend to stay up at night. 

2. Write my recipe alterations. I really don't have a goal to lose weight because I'm a nutrition major so I eat healthy enough as it is. I decided that I should go about sharing with the world how to enjoy the recipes they love while substituting the ingredients to make it healthier. I don't know if I will make it into a cookbook for if I get my agent for fiction, do a Youtube channel, or post on a blog.

3. Looking for a better part time job. I like my job I have right now, but it's not what I am going to school for. So I have decided that I will want to look for something else.

I hope within the next years I can try to accomplish some of these goals. Happy New Year everyone!