Monday, October 27, 2014

Write Your Pitch, Your Synopsis and Your Full Detail Synopsis

My next tip for planning for NaNoWriMo is that will help you get your story done is writing something that is so important when you send it out; the pitch, the synopsis and the full detail synopsis.

You pitch is one or two sentences that hooks someone into the book. Have your pitch ready. For my example I'm going to try doing Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is not your ordinary boy he's discovered he's a wizard. When he goes to a boarding school to learn how to control his powers he also learns the mystery of his life he never knew.

The hook helps to suck the reader into the story.

Next write your synopsis, and your full detailed synopsis. After writing the outline for your book you should be able to write the synopsis fairly easy. By following your outline you should be able to write your full detail synopsis.

After you have written your full detail synopsis try to compress that into the synopsis that you will send to agents when it comes time to query, but query for at least five months until you've spent about three months editing your draft.

If you have not tried doing this before you must try to write your full detail synopsis before you write your story. Know the major scenes that are suppose to happen can help you write the story faster than you think. Just try it!

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