Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Have Your Inspiration Board Ready to Go

To help you get through NaNoWriMo make sure you have an inspiration board in pintrest.

For example I'm going to show you the one that Kami Garcia made.

I agree with Kami about being visual I have always been a visual learner. Before I changed my major in college to science I was originally in the arts. So when it comes to writing I have pictures of things that relate to my story to give me inspiration. Here are three things that can help you get the visual.

  • Having pictures if it takes place in a town you've never been before
  • Get pictures of actors who resemble your characters
  • Pictures of the outfits your characters wear

Since this year I am writing a historical I have to have tons of pictures. I had to get pictures of that time period. Pictures do help when your writing. If you're writing a book dealing with a mystical closet get pictures of that and make it in pintrest. The visual aspects will help you with your story.

Good Luck with NaNoWriMo! Write On!

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