Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

I bought this book a while ago during the New Adult hype phase. It sat on my bookcase for a couple of  months so I decided to crack it open to read. Since I'm writing New Adult hoping to publish it under another name, depending on if I land an agent or not, I wanted to see what was the deal with this book.

During the beginning of the book Ella is a shy person who keeps referring to that night on the bridge. She doesn't want her roommate Ella to find out the truth about her past. Ella even ignored the calls from her best friend Micha. Ella disappeared fMicha is the other person that the point of view is told from. He spent the past eight months of his life looking for his best friend Ella. He leaves her messages, and texts and she never responds back.

Ella returns home with Lila for the summer and she is stunned to see Micha and Ethan her childhood friends. Micha keeps trying to talk to her but he sees Ella is trying to hide who she really is. Micha keep trying to get Ella to open up to him but she keeps pushing him away. As Lila continues to hang out with Ella, Micha, and Ethan she starts learning more things about her roommate than she anticipated. When they go to a coffee shop house Ella finds out that Micha has not played his guitar or done street races since she left. The more close encounters Micha and Ella have the more she keeps letting him in then pushes him away because she's afraid. 

This is the third New Adult book I have read and I already see how it's the same to others that are already published; girl with a troubled past falling in love with a tattooed lip pierced boy who helps her heal. I took me a while to get through this book mostly because of the plot it drags on so much. Sorensen uses the same lines in most of the chapters. Ella was such an irritating person. I never had such an urge to hit a character in a book. The only time I had that urge was when I was reading Twilight. Being in Ella's mind was like reading Bella from Twilight all over again. Bella and Ella see their names are pretty much the same. 

Sorensen should have tried to make the POV's alternate after each chapter because after a while the change of the POV's frequently in each chapter drives me nuts then it had me confused who's POV I was reading. The same thing happens throughout the first half of the book; Ella and Micha make out and Ella tell him to forget about it and tried to ignore him.The characters do the same thing over and over again like for example how Ella has the constant need to wrap her legs around Micha's waist and every single time they make out she sucks on his lip ring? How about how Micha constantly sucks on his lip ring? I would have thought the publishers would do an editing round before sending the book off to print after the ebook was picked up. 

Another thing about what I really liked about the book itself was the cover. It was really nice not seeing New Adult covers with couples making out. If books are to appeal to male readers the covers should be gender neutral but that's just my opinion.

The book is not bad it just lags in certain parts that make you put it down for a while. It's the same like every other New Adult book out there. Bad boy with tattoos and piercings falling in love with a girl with a troubled past.  If you like New Adult buy it and give it a try. I've already spent a lot of money on the series so I'm going to keep reading to see how Sorensen plays out their relationship for the next four books in the series.

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