Monday, August 11, 2014


I finished fixing my manuscript!

THIS makes me very happy. There were a couple of spots that were bugging me, and I couldn't put my finger on it on how to make it better. So I had to keep brainstorming to see how to make it better.

Now one thing I am worried about is the word count. I feel it's just right, but then a little bit too low. When Asked Veronica Roth on twitter about word count she said 55,000 was a good range. She told me when she started submitting Divergent that it was exactly 55,000 words. Then when she under went revisions with her agent the word count went up to around 78,000. Then when Harper Collins bought Divergent and she did revisions from her editor the final word count went up to 105,000. So I hope I am in an okay range. I like stories that get right into the action and don't mess around adding unnecessary background stories.

Now to decide if I will submit to #PitchWars or not.

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