Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Marketing for Authors

Even if an author is signed with big publisher the author needs to be pre-pared to market their book. Most authors I know seem to rely on the publisher to market the book, but you have to help out as well. You want your book to succeed.

A writer friend of mine who lives in Dallas Victoria Scott did a blog post on a young adult blog about marketing. Victoria is one to go to for questions about marketing she has a masters degree in it. 

Book Bloggers
Well the first thing I believe would be the best marketing tool is for writers to connect with book bloggers. You want to be friends with them. See what books they like to read, or if you have the same taste in reading. Since a lot of book bloggers only review books from big publishers ask them if you can mail them a paper copy of your ARC. I prefer the paperback than e-books. A notehr thing to be weary about is if the author is self published there are some book bloggers that will not review a self published book.

A Social Media Platform
Get connected with social media. Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter are your best bets for being a writer. Even if you aren't published yet start your platform now. Now and days most agents want to sign a writer with a platform of some sort. Twitter is good for writers because you can easily find your favorite authors, and Goodreads is like facebook for book lovers. Another thing she recommended was connected all of your social media platforms together so that all your posts go to all of your social media platforms. For those who don't know Goodreads is the best because it allows you to connect with readers.You become friends with writers and readers, and you can see what books you have in common. I've been on Goodreads for a long time now, and I love it. Of course I now review books on my other blog.

A writer should have a website or a blog of some sort. Your website should be kept clean, and simply, and not to over crowed. She recommend Wordpress. Some writers I know use blogger, and then just buy the domain connecting it to their blog. I've tried the free version of wordpress and it's okay you just can't really customize font like you can do with blogger. 

So far this is some of the things she recommend on the post, and while 

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