Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

A dazzling novel in the most untraditional fashion, this is the remarkable story of Henry DeTamble, a dashing, adventuresome librarian who travels involuntarily through time, and Clare Abshire, an artist whose life takes a natural sequential course. Henry and Clare's passionate love affair endures across a sea of time and captures the two lovers in an impossibly romantic trap, and it is Audrey Niffenegger's cinematic storytelling that makes the novel's unconventional chronology so vibrantly triumphant.

Claire is an artist, and as a child she stumbles upon a man in the forest near her home. While she's there she seems to finds a man who can time travel. Throughout her life Claire finds herself running into Henry at different times and in the strangest palces. Claire doesn't exactly get to have a traditional normal relationalship with the person she loves.

I had seen the movie previously, and I normally don't do that, but I had wanted to read the book for a long time, and I finally found the time. I don't want to sound too biased, but I like the movie better. When I was reading the book, I found myself getting confused. I normally don't mind books written in multiple point of views, but Claire's personality was really irritating. I also kept getting confused when it would come time to read Henry's point of view because it would flop around between different time frames. The story is good, but it needed more editing.