Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mad at Lifetime

So I got some of the most upsetting news any fan could get.


I have been watching this show since I was a teenager, well since my freshman year of high school (yes world even as a child I watched Lifetime, don't judge me). 

So when I saw the preview for the new T.V. show about to air in the summer of 2007 (yeah I am that young folks), and I grew to love the show. It's was beautiful. It's not necessarily what life in the army is about, but it's a great show. 

Until they started getting rid of some of the original characters. What really drew it for me was how when the lead of the show had a drunken moment at a show, and due to her going to rehab they killed her off! That really made me mad. And since they tried to replace the old cast with new cast members, and new stories making the fans loose interest in the show, their plans didn't work out well and the show ended up being cancelled.

Too mad right now.