Thursday, August 01, 2013

Chapter One Sneaky

The sound of feet running against the grass could be heard a mile away. When the footsteps came closer, I broke from my thoughts. I turned around to see who it was behind me and saw a blue eyed, brunette girl - my younger sister, Breena. Two pale green wings spread out from beneath her hair, illuminating the glitter that accommodated the beautiful pattern of glittered green lilies marking her face starting from behind her eyebrow and fell beneath her eyes.
“I knew I would find you here!” Breena said excitedly.
“Hey there, dragonfly!” I greeted her.
Breena began walking closer to me, falling directly under the sunlight, her skin glowing while her wings and lily markings began to dissolve from the direct exposure to the sun. “Mother and father were shaking their wings with worry, driving the entire staff crazy. They didn’t know where you had disappeared off to. I told them I had a small feeling where you might be, so I asked them for permission to come look for you. I figured you would be somewhere in the woods so I decided to start here, and I was right to find you here,” Breena said in one breath before a smile appeared on her face, making her skin glow even more. “Now that I have found you, it’s my duty to inform you that it’s time for you to come home for breakfast.”
“Why did you come all the way over here so early?” Breena asked.
“I was just thinking about some things.”
“What kind of things?” Breena asked.
I shifted my gaze from Breena and began looking at a space between two large trees. “Just things about what it would be like to go through the portals that separate the realms.”


Those of you who know me know how much I love history! Especially historical fiction! I love it to death! So you can imagine my expression when the promo for the CW's new show came on T.V. 

Ahh I'm so excited!

I get chills when I see the trailer on T.V. I write a review after I watch the series premiere.