Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Big "Thanks, but no thanks"

So as you've been following on my blog, I've been attempting to go the traditional route of getting published.

I spent two months revising, editing, and showed chapters to my critique partner. We went through together through the document making several changes to make the story as unique and interesting as possible. I read spent about two weeks working out the query letter, and followed the submission guidelines. 
I sent out about 200 query letters to agents, at least 100 of them had represented my favorite authors, represented projects similar to mine, or some were with some the top agencies. Can you guess the responses.

Yep, big old fat rejections.

Some sent an instant rejection within three hours. The top agent assistants responded with a "not what I'm looking for."One agent I also really wanted to work with told me that my story was interesting, and unique, but didn't think publishing could take on that book. I thought that was a really nice response.

I also had queried a one publisher that only takes unsolicited queries for two months, they were one I had wanted to work with as well, and got a rejection from them as well.

I'm starting to wonder what I should do with this book. I already finished drafting the second book since it's a planned series, and started working on the final book, I've been thinking of self-publishing it. It's such a unique story, and it would be a waste for it to just be sitting on my flash drive for a long time. If I self publish it, I can have all three of the books released in one year, as opposed to waiting for two years to see it available to readers. I'll probably have to investigate more on the self publishing before I decide to do anything.