Monday, April 29, 2013

Changes I'd Make In Gymnastics

The gymnastics world, while it's one of the most watched sports of during the Olympic games, has some of the most craziest rules I have ever heard of and some of them do effect other gymnasts. Here are some of the things I would change.

Tie Breakers and Double Medals

The tie breakers are crazy. At 2012 Olympics Aly Raisman didn't win the bronze medal even though she tied with Aliya Mustafina. Then in 2008 Beijing Olympics Nastia Liukin tied with He Kexin but Nastia was awarded the silver medal due to the tie breaking rules. In the Olympic games before Athens they used to give out double medals, I could understand for the All-Around not giving two golds, but would it kill the FIG to give out two bronze and silver? Come on now folks it wouldn't be too much of a change.

Age Limit

I think the FIG should lower the age limit and here's why. By the time a gymnast reaches reaches the age sixteen, some have either accepted scholarship offers from universities, or some get injured when they get older than sixteen and it's hard for them to get back in their shape from before their injury. Then the gymnast who barely turns sixteen the Olympic the

Junior World's and Junior Olympics

From my perspective is the FIG was to continue to keep the age limit, I feel they should make something like Junior World Championships to be held at the same time of the usual gymnastics Worlds, and a Junior Olympics to be held during the same Olympic year. Here's why I propose these be made into effect.

First Off, because of the FIG's age limit, gymnast who turn sixteen during the Olympic year don't have any international experience. Viktoria Grishina was one example from the Russian Olympics team. I also propose that  Junior World Championships and Junior Olympics be held at the same places. This would not only help the gymnast stand out internationally, but will also give them a shot when being picked for future Olympic teams.