Friday, November 29, 2013

What H*** is the Matter with Bookstores - Black Friday Blues

I told myself I wouldn't write this post, I told myself I wasn't gong to but screw it.

After getting tons of coupons for Barnes and Noble in the mail, and in my email for Black Friday, I decided to go to my favorite place in the whole world.

I started browsing around and I was looking for books from small publishers I know and like, guess what they weren't there. So then I tried to find newly released books from other Big 5 publishers, guess what, they weren't on display either. I will tell you what I did find, a whole small rolling cart filled with the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth (I haven’t read this trilogy yet, it’s next on my list I just waited until the whole series was out), 5 book shelves filled with Cassandra Clare’s novels, and 4 shelves filled with the horrible Twilight Saga. Then when I asked the sales person for some of the books, said they didn't have them in stock, but she could order them for me.

I was angry and depressed. All the books I wanted to read and they didn't even have them. Then for the sales woman to tell me she could order them for me, I can order them myself but I still like to go to brick and mortar in support of them.

An author friend of mine Jessica Spotswood of Born Wicked and Star Cursed was discussing with other authors how it’s hard for their books to sell when they don’t even have a big selection of newly released books. After what I witnessed today she’s right, there really was no selection for me to pick from. The only books I saw were either

A). the ones I had already read
B). They were the books that are already hyped up by franchises.

The bookstores would have had more books to display new authors and releases if Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series wasn't taking up four shelves, 5 shelves of Cassandra Clare books, and a whole table of Veronica Roth’s books. The bookstores can make room they just put in the books that are hyped up because they think it will bring them business. I say it’s high time for them to down the ones that have been sitting there for years and let new authors work shine.

*Big sigh* Now I have to go to Amazon and Barnes & Noble to go order all the books I wasn't able to get.


  1. It is a challenge. I recently had someone who barely knows me request my book in an Indie bookstore (who had sold my book before). The staff said they wouldn't order the book in, even though it was in their databases, and suggested that he contact me directly to purchase the book himself.

    1. I didn't know they could contact the author directly to purchase a copy