Friday, August 02, 2013

Chapter Two Sneak Peak

. Eligor then began to pacing back and forth in front of the two portals and muttering to himself while.  
    Eligor’s weird behavior caused me to lean over to Lucas and whisper in his ear. “What is he doing?”
Lucas shook his head while still looking at Eligor with the most incredulous look before responding, “Maybe the sudden need for an adventure has caused him to lose his mind.”
Eligor continued to pace and then he finally stopped. I ended up looking around because I felt as if I was losing my mind. Lucas shoved me slightly and I turned my gaze and to look at what he wanted me to see so badly. It turns out Eligor had finally picked which entrance we were supposed to go through. He landed on, and it was the one directly in the middle. “Well, I guess that settles that,” Eligor decided.

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