Tuesday, November 13, 2012

NaNoWriMo Update

It's near the middle of NaNoWriMo. I feel so much progress than I did last year. Last year I was getting 1500 words a days and I didn't finish until after Thanksgiving. 

I started this year on November first at the crack of dawn, at exactly 5am with a ten cups of coffee, and wrote 15,300 words in one day! That is a big accomplishment even for me. It was mostly the climax of the story I had been working on, and now I am working backwards. I now find myself at 40,000 words, and the story doesn't feel anywhere near completion. It's a bit in different spots as well. Plus I did not break up the chapters so I just have one really long story. On the plus side I showed yesterday my creative writing professor the first four chapters (even you can even call it that) and he liked the story, he said it just needs major editing required.

I just need to face that I am too wordy for my own good. I hope this will be the trilogy series I had been anticipated on writing. I am also really hoping I can at least finish the main story before Thanksgiving, we all know how hectic Thanksgiving is. If can finish this one before Thanksgiving then I can start to work on book two in the trilogy, and see if everything flows. This is a trilogy I have high hopes for because of the uniqueness I brought to the sub-genre and I hope someone sees it with potential. Once I finish this draft, I will put it to rest until January, and the time to shred it apart into a billion pieces until its perfect before sending it off to my critique partner begins! 

Good luck to everyone else with NaNoWriMo!