Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolution

Another year goes by, and we reflect on what our resolutions were last year. Now it's time to make new resolutions for 2013. What will be your resolutions for as a writer for this upcoming year?

-Write a novella?
-Write a full length novel?
-Write something in another genre? 
-Finish that story that gave you writer's block?
-Edit your NaNoWriMo project?
-Challenge yourself to write a 100,000 word book?
-Read more books?

Everyone has their own challenge these are my New Year's resolutions

-Finish my New Adult book series.
-Work on my query letter
-Submit to agents
-Land an agent
-Get a book deal
-Edit my NaNoWriMo
-Publish my dystopian trilogy
-Write a book over 150,000 words

I have my goals for this year and I hope to achieve half of them. I am wishing all of my writer friends the best with their writing and hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year!

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