Saturday, March 26, 2011

Black Swan Stunt Double Speaks Out

So Sara Lane a soloist with the American Ballet Theater spoke out about how Natalie Portman didn't really do much of the dancing in her film The Black Swan. Anyone could tell Natalie didn't really do most of the dancing. Half the times you couldn't see her face in the film. Looking at the time she was cast for the film, and when the movie was released.

There is absolutely NO FREAKING WAY she could have been a classically trained ballerina in two years, and the fact that Portman took credit for the dancing is astounding. What I find even worse is how the film didn't even give credit to Sara for the dancing in the film. I trained in classical ballet for years, and let me tell you something it takes years of training to develop all of those skills.

The only movie on dancers I ever really liked was Center Stage. The company used real professional ballet dancers from dance companies and didn't have to waste film time training dancers. Natalie Portman is just insulting to everyone who is a dancer pretty much stating you could be a professional ballet dancer in two years.

*news clip below*

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